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Woman Killed By Truck While Riding Bike

Clipped From The St.Catharines Standard

Terry Wilson’s first impulse was to grab a couple of rain jackets from his car and cover the body of a woman lying on the street.

Then Wilson turned his attention to her inconsolable male companion, who witnessed the woman being struck and killed by a tractor-trailer at the corner of Welland Avenue and Dunkirk Road Wednesday around 9:20 p.m.

“It’s bad. It’s bad. That’s all I can say,” said a shaken Wilson, who was on his way to pick up his girlfriend at Tim Hortons when he came across the accident.

Niagara Regional Police did not identify the 35-year-old St. Catharines woman pending notification of family.

Police and witnesses said the tractor-trailer was turning right onto Dunkirk Road from Welland Avenue when it struck a woman riding a bicycle.

A man was riding a bicycle alongside her but was not injured, police said.

The pair were riding across Dunkirk Road on a green light and heading toward the tunnel under the Queen Elizabeth Way when tragedy struck, witnesses said.

“I don’t think he even saw them coming,” witness Robert McFall said of the truck driver.

“I’m in shock.”

Nearby neighbours say the intersection is a hotspot for accidents.

During their 12 years living on Welland Avenue, Dennis and Regina Jackson say they see at least one accident a month at that corner.

Several cars race through the tunnel to beat traffic lights, Dennis Jackson said.

“It’s awful,” Regina Jackson said. “I’m scared to even walk across the street.”

Troubles near the Welland Avenue tunnel are something Glen Burse knows well. A former Welland Avenue resident, Burse said he’s nearly been hit by cars while crossing the intersection on his bicycle.

Burse was riding his bicycle to a nearby Tim Hortons Wednesday when he was stopped in his tracks by a barrage of flashing police lights. “I feel sorry for the family who will hear the bad news tonight that a loved one has passed on,” Burse said.

Sections of Welland Avenue and Dunkirk Road were closed for several hours Wednesday night and early today while members of the NRP’s collision reconstruction unit investigated.

Police are asking anyone in the area at the time of the collision to contact the collision reconstruction unit at 905-688-4111, ext. 5500.

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