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Welland Mayor Holding Charity Christmas Ball

Clipped from the Welland Tribune

For the second year, Welland’s mayor, Damian Goulbourne, will help make the holiday season a little brighter for a local charity.

The Mayor’s Charity Christmas Ball will return to the city on Saturday, Nov. 24, to raise funds for the Niagara College Scholarship Fund this year.

Daniella Wright, part of the team that has been organizing the event, said the intent is “to change it up a bit” each year when it comes to the charity that will benefit from the ball.

During the inaugural Charity Christmas Ball last year, about $2,600 was raised to benefit the United Way of South Niagara.

But Wright said there’s “a lot of groups in this city that need money and we’ll divide it around.” And in years to come, she said those groups could also benefit from the fundraiser.

“I think people once they hear about it, if they’re going to go to a Christmas party, certainly they can come to ours and they know that proceeds are going to go to charity. I think people feel better about that,” said Wright.

“It’s Christmas time and it’s a nice gesture.”

Wright said the event has already grown from last year.

During the inaugural event, 160 tickets were sold. So far this year, they’ve already sold about 180 tickets at $30 each.

“We had 200 tickets printed up and I think they’re almost sold out,” she said.

It’s not bad considering they’ve had very little advertising for the event so far, she said. Most of the tickets that have been sold so far were bought by people who attended last year’s event.

“Right away people were just gobbling up tickets,” Wright said.

“There are a lot of people who have already booked tables. They had such a good time last year that they said make sure you include us next year.”

And if they sell all 200 tickets, “we’ll be really thrilled with that,” Wright said. At that time, if there’s still a demand, she said they might be able to print a few more.

The event will be held at the Feastivities Conference Centre, 162 Hagar St., including a traditional buffet-style Christmas dinner, music provided by a DJ, and a cash bar.

Doors open at 5 p.m. and dinner is served at 6.

Tickets are available along with more information by calling 905-735-1700, and talking to Theresa Ettorre at ext. 2101, Lina Henri at ext. 2111 or Wright at ext. 2122.

If the event continues to grow next year, Wright said they might need to start looking for a larger hall for the event.

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