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Video – USA vs. Finland (fights), Canada vs. Slovakia (dives)

I’m very excited about the possibility of a CANADA vs. USA men’s hockey gold medal final in the 2010 Olympics. For this to happen USA will have to defeat Finland and Canada will have to defeat Slovakia.  I’m very surprised how many of the teams have performed, so rather than predicting who wins and what the score will be, I will predict this:

USA vs. Finland – Prediction: Fights

Canada vs. Slovakia – Prediction: Dives

Why? Because this is exactly what happened the last time these teams faced each other.

USA vs. Finland 2009 – Fight

Anssi Salmela, of Finland bleeds after a fight with David Backes of the United States during the IIHF World Ice Hockey Championship qualification round on May 11, 2008.

Canada vs. Slovakia Dec. 29th 2009 – Dive

Matus Rais, of Slovakia, pulls off one of the best dives against Canada during the 2010 IIHF World Junior Championships just a few weeks ago on December 29th, 2009.

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6 Responses
  1. Arya says:

    wow,, very good hockey match. skills is everything in that match.
    thanks for video share

  2. People, must have to say that i watched at a couple of awesome games the last days. Although i have to comment that it isnt said the guys with the leaf will win easy from our team. Once again Canada had some good luck today from Slovakia. USA will win sunday with 6-2! Just a word: Hey Crosby! Get a laugh on your face you overprised player!

  3. Way to go Finland! It’s been a long while since we won the World Championship this year.
    An enthusiast from the North

  4. Pikavippi says:

    Ice hockey is the life blood of Finland. It is much more popular than football (soccer). I look forward to next encounters with the United States and other rising countries in this sport!

  5. pikavippi says:

    Next game will be very interesting.

  6. vippi says:

    Today is going to be important day.

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