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UFO lights Over Niagara Falls in August 2010

I don’t know about you but these UFO sightings just look like a spot lights reflecting off the sky.  The person filming is convinced that these are real UFOs.

How to tell if a You Tube video of a UFO is fake.

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2 Responses
  1. Shiver says:

    Hey I’m the guy mainly filming it so to clarify I’m convinced it’s a UFO or bizarre weather phenomenon. UFO means unidentified flying object…not aliens from outer space. Big difference.

    You need to study all the evidence. Problem is it there is a mist under it on clear nights and nothing anyone knows of does this.

    It also blocks part of the casino spotlights in a sharp line that looks triangular. You have to see it yourself as most camera optics can’t capture it.

    No known weather phenomenon can do that.

  2. jazz says:

    I’ve def seen the same thing another night, tho there were several more lights. The sky does not reflect light like that out of no where. There was clearly something hovering in the sky for several hours. It is a phenomenon that a camera could not possibly effectively capture.


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