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Trade In Your Christmas Lights At The Niagara Square

Pulled from Niagara Falls Review

Niagara Falls Hydro is again encouraging residents to light their holidays in an energy efficient way.

For a third straight year, the local utility will host a holiday light exchange to allow residents to trade in their old incandescent lights for free indoor/outdoor, LED multi-coloured light sets.

The exchange will be held today from noon to 4 p.m. at Niagara Square and again Nov. 24. All told, 3,500 LED light sets will be distributed.

Proof of residency is required and hydro suggests using the holiday light exchange insert that was included in recent hydro bills.

Niagara Falls Hydro is a sponsor of the annual Winter Festival of Lights.

“The festival provides a great opportunity to showcase how we can all enjoy decorating with lights to celebrate the holiday season, and do it in an energy efficient way,” said Brian Wilkie, president of Niagara Falls Hydro.

LED (light emitting diodes) lights use about 90 per cent less energy than incandescent lights, and last at least seven times longer.

“We estimate that this lighting initiative could save as much as 218,912 kilowatt hours,” said Wilkie.

Based on the average electricity consumption of a typical residential customer, the savings equal the electricity used by approximately 242 homes for a month, Wilkie said.

Residents can turn in as many old incandescent holiday light sets as they like. There is a maximum of two LED sets per person.

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  1. kathy burke says:

    as a prior resident and native of niagara falls, I really would enjoy more articles and conversation from folks who curently reside in the falls. I am residing in So Cal now and do miss the local news as well as speaking with people who live there

  2. I’m a big fan of these programs. A lot of organisations and online store are also offering recycling programs and discounts on product. Great work!!

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