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Tourists take Advantage of GO Buses

Source: The Niagara Falls Review

All summer, they’ve come by GO train. On Saturday, they started coming by GO bus.

Tourists by the dozen poured off the first buses offered by GO Transit, taking advantage of additional trips to and from Toronto.

It was the first day of year-round Niagara service by GO – though the train service is scheduled to end after Thanksgiving weekend, the buses will be permanent.

“The bus service is another option,” said GO spokeswoman Jillian Riddell, who added the same service also kicked off in Peterborough Saturday.

Crowds heading to Toronto by bus were slim on Day 1 -just one rider for the first departure at 7:55 a. m., and one rider again for the 11:55 a. m. ride.

“Everybody wants to ride the train instead,” said a train station employee who asked not to be identified.

The buses make five stops before passengers connect with a GO Train in Burlington for the rest of the trip to Toronto’s Union Station. It makes six departures on weekends and holidays, and 12 during weekdays.

Tickets for the bus are identical to the train service -$15.90 one way, $31.80 round trip.

Crowds were much bigger arriving from Toronto Saturday, as visitors came to enjoy one last long weekend of summer in Niagara Falls.

One foursome of Toronto friends arrived to blow off some steam before heading back to school.

“I’d definitely recommend it for anyone on a budget,” said Sarah Litt, 23. “Now I’ve got more money to gamble with.”

The only problem? “There’s no bathroom on the bus,” said Eric Tee, 21.

Everyone agreed they’d be making regular trips during the winter now that the service is available.

Day 1 of the service wasn’t without some confusion, however. Some riders mistook the bus schedule for the train schedule, and weekday service for weekend service. The full schedule is at

Saturday morning, Niagara Falls resident Rosa Maiuri was looking forward to the bus ride to do some last-minute back-to-school shopping at the Eaton Centre with her kids.

But she reluctantly hopped back in the car after hearing the next departure was two hours away.

She still looks forward to avoiding the highway for future trips.

“The GO bus being year-round is going to be fantastic,” she said. “Less stress.”

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