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Theft Of Snowblowers In St. Catharines

NRPS Media Release

After receiving five complaints from homeowners in the City of St.Catharines that their Snowblowers had been stolen in the past two weeks, the Niagara Regional Police Service would like to alert its citizens and to offer suggestions that would help to minimize the opportunity for would-be thieves.

Between January 23rd and February 8th 2008, police have taken complaints in five separate incidents of Snowblower theft in St. Catharines, with four of the five located in the north-end of the city. The thefts are reported to have occurred when the homeowner is out of the home, or sometime overnight. The Snowblowers in each incident were outside, not locked in a garage or shed.

Police believe that more than one person is involved and that a vehicle is being used to transport the stolen Snowblower from the scene. Please be aware of any suspicious persons or vehicles that may be in your area, and when in doubt, call for police assistance.

Cst. Sarah Housser would like to remind homeowners that when you are finished clearing away snow, return your Snowblower to a covered shed, or garage. It is also important to consider locking all of your lawn/garden equipment when not in use, with a secure lock and chain.

Where possible, consider installing motion detecting light fixtures on the outside of your home, secured out of reach to prevent others from unscrewing the bulb. The longer the light stays on when activated, the better a deterrent it is, so consider setting the timer for a minimum of five minutes.

Anyone with information about these thefts are encouraged to call the Niagara Regional Police at 905-688-4111 or for an anonymous tip, call Crime Stoppers at 1-888-222-TIPS (8477)

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  1. John says:

    They better not touch mine!

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