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Teddy Bear Collectible Show

Jun 2, 2008 at the Best Western Cairn Croft Hotel in Niagara Falls. The show and sale will feature the work of teddy bear artists from Canada and the United States. Many of the exhibitors are award-winning artists featuring their own unique designs. Collectors will have an opportunity to adopt some valuable bears. The show will also feature exhibitors selling bear making supplies and other teddy bear collectible items such as books, figurines, etc.
For more information visit The Niagara Directory

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3 Responses
  1. freebingo says:

    I used to like teddy bears all sorts from big to small but then I have lost interest in that.

  2. Zip Submits says:

    i wan win that for my daughter
    thanks for the information

  3. doctor notes says:

    aww i saw this post too late :( teddy bears are cute..

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