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Curtain of secrecy lifting to reveal secrets inside Niagara Parks Commission

First of all, congratulations to Niagara Parks Commissioners for voting in favour of opening their meetings to the public and the media. Quite a novel idea for public lands, we guess.

Vince Kerrio made the motion that was supported by his colleagues. This was the right thing to do and should have been done a long time ago. This newspaper has been calling for this type of openness and transparency for years.

But Kerrio’s rationale for calling the vote – because he felt he (and fellow commissioners) have been unjustly criticized lately -is curious, to say the least.


Crystal Beach Cyclone Roller Coaster

It is said to be one of the most frightening roller coasters to ever be built. This is a series of clips edited together from old newsreels of both Crystal Beach and Palisades Park. These were 2 of the 3 infamous Cyclone triplets that were built in 1927.