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Olympic Rope Wall

Ontario House Rope Wall

Rope Wall

If you are still in Vancouver, one of the many attractions are at the Ontario House.

The rope wall is a “4D” presentation that is surrounding the Ontario House, a fun display for children to run around in.

It is a demonstration of Niagara Falls

Brain Wave! Mind Control the Falls

Toronto tech company InteraXon were thinking up new ways to expose their mind-controlling technology to everyone. One of their ideas was to make a brainwave sensor that feeds off brainwaves to create music, or a heat lamp.

The Ontario government rebutted that idea and suggested this new innovation that would spark tourism.

Visitors at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver will be able to visit The Ontario House and sit in one of these chairs. Thought controlled computing takes the waves off your head, then classifies them into alpha, beta, theta, etc. The machine teaches you how to use these waves to control your thoughts. Once you are ready, you can go live and control the lighting of the Niagara Falls, CN Tower, or Parliament Building, just by the power of your brain.