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Nelson Rockefeller Visits Niagara Falls

Old film footage of Nelson Rockefeller visiting Niagara Falls, NY in the early 70’s.

Ford Escape Commercial featuring Niagara Falls

1927 Film of Niagara Falls

Screaming Tunnel on Creepy Canada

Creepy Canada pays a visit to the Screaming Tunnel in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

The Show Must Go On!

…but only with the right marketing plan in place

I was reading an article today on the Niagara Falls Review website, that said “Pink Floyd Niagara is wrapping up its second summer in Niagara Falls, and unless word gets out, they may not be back next year. This is a dazzling, $500,000 production Floyd fans from across Ontario will dig, not just Niagara Falls.”

I agree that it is dazzling and it’s defiantly a show that must not be missed, however, the price of admission is rather high, running at about $58 per couple. I saw the Roger Waters band perform the complete Dark Side of the Moon at the Rogers Centre last year and paid about $2 less than what I paid at the Pink Floyd Niagara concert. Of course without David Gilmore, the Waters show was still not Pink Floyd, but it was the closest thing to it, without stepping into a time machine.

It does cost PFN a lot to put on such an elaborate show but with such a poor location and high ticket price, I really can’t see them performing again next year. If they do manage to pull it off and come back for another season, I will be purchasing a season pass and be attending at least once every 2 weeks.

Fun with Office Chairs in Niagara On The Lake

The video is fairly poor quality, and no sound, but you can see a guy sitting on a office chair while holding on to the back of a moving bike. Eventually, the speed becomes too much and the rider flies off. Stupidity at it’s best in Niagara-On-The-Lake.

Scuba Diving The Upper Niagara River

A plate, a bowling ball and lots of fish.

Beluga Whale Birth At Marineland

On July 19th, 2007, the birth of a Beluga Whale at Marineland was caught on tape.