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The Hydro City 1957 CBC News

“The honeymoon city may become better known as the hydro city,” says reporter Bruce Marsh in this CBC-TV clip from “Newsmagazine.” Niagara Falls is on the verge of becoming “the biggest single supplier of hydroelectric power in the western world.” Find this and 12,000 other clips from the CBC Digital Archives at

Man Dances on the Tip of Table Rock

A man climbs over the barrier at Table Rock and begins dancing at the brink of the falls. One slip on the ice and he would be a goner.

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Ripleys Promotional Video

Marineland’s Loud Mouth Fish

Here is a video someone posted on YouTube of a Loud Mouth fish at Marineland.

Hungry Snake at Marineland Niagara Falls

A snake eats a toad as the crowd grows near the killer whale tank at Marineland.

1955 Construction at the Falls

Sacked Outing

This guy gets punched after pestering others on a school trip to Niagara Falls.

Greg Frewin’s Impressive Twister Trick

Clifton Hill Interviews

This guy takes a walk around Clifton Hill asking people about what they watch on You Tube.

The Real Niagara Falls NY

Ever wonder why Niagara Falls, NY is so ghetto? Here is a brief history.

Tragedy on the Ice Bridge

It was a bitterly cold February day in 1912. The Ice Bridge, at the bottom of the falls, was crowded with people, most of whom came to the falls on excursion trains.

Without any warning, the formation began to break up. “Red” Hill Sr., a local river man, shouted for everyone to head for the shore. Everyone, except Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge Stanton from Toronto and two men from Cleveland, Ignatius Roth and Burrel Heacock made it to shore. Hill was able to pull Roth off a floe and Heacock could have made it too, but he turned back to assist the Stantons.

Before the ice approached the two bridges over the Whirlpool Rapids, the floe broke into two pieces dividing Heacock from the Stantons. Ropes were sent down from the bridges, but did not make contact with the doomed trio.

People have not been permitted to go on the ice bridges of Niagara Falls since that tragic day.

Just Don’t Say Niagara Falls

A classic three stooges clip about those tragic words.