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The Hydro City 1957 CBC News

“The honeymoon city may become better known as the hydro city,” says reporter Bruce Marsh in this CBC-TV clip from “Newsmagazine.” Niagara Falls is on the verge of becoming “the biggest single supplier of hydroelectric power in the western world.” Find this and 12,000 other clips from the CBC Digital Archives at

Man Dances on the Tip of Table Rock

A man climbs over the barrier at Table Rock and begins dancing at the brink of the falls. One slip on the ice and he would be a goner.

Also see: Man Stands at Waters Edge to Niagara Falls

Ripleys Promotional Video

Hungry Snake at Marineland Niagara Falls

A snake eats a toad as the crowd grows near the killer whale tank at Marineland.

1955 Construction at the Falls

Greg Frewin’s Impressive Twister Trick

Clifton Hill Interviews

This guy takes a walk around Clifton Hill asking people about what they watch on You Tube.

The Real Niagara Falls NY

Ever wonder why Niagara Falls, NY is so ghetto? Here is a brief history.