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Niagara Falls New York’s First Gay Wedding

Longtime partners Kitty Lambert and Cheryle Rudd tied the knot in front of Niagara Falls at the stroke of midnight Sunday, becoming the first same-sex couple to be married in New York.

Are you from Canada? Can’t see the video? Continue to see the video from an alternative source… more…

Rink at the Brink has Competition

skateIn November 2009 the Rink at the Brink opened up in Niagara Falls Canada, in hopes of being a ‘must see’ winter attraction similar to the Rideau Canal in Ottawa and the Rockefeller Center in New York. The attraction became a little disappointing when we learned that due to the mist from the falls, it needed to be covered up by a white roof and enclosed in plexiglas.

Niagara Falls, New York, hopes that their idea is better.  Construction of an ice rink DeVeaux Woods State Park,  just a little further from the falls, just finished.  Because the rink is far enough from the falls there is no need for a roof and enclosure.  Hopefully skating at the rink becomes an annual tradition for residences and visitors to Niagara Falls.

New York Wineries Upset with Canada

wineIf a customer with a Canadian accent comes to Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars in Hammondsport, Fred Frank knows they’re there to taste, not to buy.

That’s because it wouldn’t make financial sense.

Canadians who visit any of New York’s 255 wineries are allowed to bring home two bottles per person duty-free. But the price of wine bought in the U.S. almost doubles with duties and excise taxes imposed by the Ontario government if a Canadian returns home with more than two bottles.

Meanwhile, New Yorkers can fill the trunk of their car with bottles from the wineries that dot the northern side of Lake Ontario and pay insignificant taxes when they cross the border on their return home. The first two bottles also are duty-free.

“It’s bothersome because it’s unfair and it’s the antithesis of free trade,” said Frank, part owner of the winery. “For us, even though we are not close to the border, Toronto is closer than New York City.”


Ford Escape Commercial featuring Niagara Falls

The Real Niagara Falls NY

Ever wonder why Niagara Falls, NY is so ghetto? Here is a brief history.

Scuba Diving The Upper Niagara River

A plate, a bowling ball and lots of fish.