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Only a few hours left to vote for Niagara Falls

wildcard_fullToday is the last day to cast your vote to have Niagara Falls added to the latest Canadian edition of Monopoly. Don’t let a city like Kenora (formally named as the City of Rat Portage)  be voted in instead of Niagara Falls. Vote here:

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Niagara Falls slips to 5th in Monopoly Voting

mr_monopoly_largeI won’t argue that Cornwall has a magnificent water tower; that Beauceville has delicious poutine; and I’m sure Kenora (formally named Rat Portage) is actually very nice; but is it possible that these cities will be added to Monopoly Canadian Edition instead of Niagara Falls?

When we first posted about the vote, Niagara Falls moved to second place behind Banff, and was positioned to take one of the two available spots. There are only 22 days left to spread the word to all your friends to nominate Niagara Falls.  Spread the word with Facebook and Twitter!

To vote enter “Niagara Falls, Ontario, CA” in the nominate box on this page: (note: Firefox may not work properly)

Vote Niagara Falls to be Added to Monopoly


For the firs time ever the public will be able to decide what cities are to be included in the Monopoly, Canadian Edition.  Surprisingly, Niagara Falls is not on the list of preselected cities. So, the only way to have Niagara Falls added is for everyone to vote for 2 wild-card spots.   The city with the most votes will occupy the coveted ‘Boardwalk’ spot.

Cast your vote: