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Should Marineland’s Killer Whale show continue?

The Killer whale shows at SeaWorld Orlando has resumed just a day after, Tillikum,  killed a trainer.  It’s the third time the 30-year-old whale, who was captured in Iceland when he was two years old, has been involved in a death. In 1991, when Tillikum was at Oak Bay’s Sealand of the Pacific, he was among three whales who killed 20-year-old trainer and marine biology student Keltie Byrne after she slipped into the pool. The whales, Tillikum and females Nootka and Haida, would not allow her out of the pool and she drowned. All three whales were sold to SeaWorld in 1992, the same year Sealand closed its doors. In 1999, a 27-year-old man apparently jumped into Tillikum’s pool. He died of drowning and hypothermia, but his body was also found to have bite marks.


Should Marineland continue the Killer Whale show?

One of their main attractions at Marineland Niagara Falls are the Killer Whales.  The Marineland website describes the Killer Whales as affectionate and gentle: more…

Marineland’s Loud Mouth Fish

Here is a video someone posted on YouTube of a Loud Mouth fish at Marineland.

Hungry Snake at Marineland Niagara Falls

A snake eats a toad as the crowd grows near the killer whale tank at Marineland.

Talented Walrus

Beluga Whale Birth At Marineland

On July 19th, 2007, the birth of a Beluga Whale at Marineland was caught on tape.