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Mini War Games Club in Welland

Fans of war games such as Warhammer, Magic the Gathering, and Hordes probably know about the MWG Club in Welland.  For those of you who do not know, these war games allow players to assemble and paint individual 28 mm scale miniature figures that represent futuristic soldiers, creatures and vehicles of war. These figurines are collected to comprise squads in armies that can be pitted against those of other players. Each player brings a roughly equal complement of units to a tabletop battlefield with handmade or purchased terrain. The players then decide upon a scenario, ranging from simple skirmishes to complex battles involving defended objectives and reinforcements. The models are physically moved across the table and the actual distance between models plays a role in the outcome of combat.

Not sure if this is something for you? Here is a video of a previous battle:

Upcoming Tournament

Where: MWG Club
When: Saturday July 31st, 2010

For this tournament you will need a codex-legal 1750 point army list. Army do not need to be fully painted, but extra points will be awards for fully painted armies (including bases).All models must be fully assembled.

Time: 10am to 6pm
Cost: $10 / person (includes prizes)
Lunch: $5 for 4 slices of pizza (optional)
Requirements: One codex-legal 1,750 point 40k army