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Flying over Niagara Falls in a Helicopter

Home video taken of the Niagara Falls helicopter tour. The tour flies over the majestic Falls of Niagara, Historical landmarks and Niagara’s renowned wine country in a way unimaginable from the ground. This particular tour is done by Niagara Helicopters which is located just a few minutes from Niagara-on-the-Lake town center.  If you are from Toronto and wish to take the helicopter tour there are many tour companies offering this helicopter tours as a package.  Check out, and  All these tour companies have the Heli Tour option.

Niagara A-Team

A great video of Niagara Helicopter ride shot in June 2009 with the A-Team theme.

Niagara Helicopter Saves Christmas

This video was made by Niagara Helicopters Ltd.