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Oil Rig eMail Scam Targeted at Niagara Falls Business

Niagara Falls Tour Operators Beware!

Receiving emails from Nigerian Princesses promising a percentage of a large sum of money is nothing new, but justĀ  recently eTours was directly targeted with a tailor-made scam centered around their Niagara Falls tour.

The scam involved booking a Niagara Falls tour for a small group but instead of charging the regular price the person wanted to be charged more. More? Yes because there were other costs that his agent would have to incur. He did not have access to his bank and money wiring services since he worked on an Oil Rig and it wold make it easier if he could be charged once for everything. After the initial email below the person wanted eTours to charge $3,000 on his card, deduct the Niagara Falls Tour portion and transfer the difference to another bank account… “his agent”.

Of course the eTours Reservation Agent was suspicious and with a quick Google search found out that restaurants were targeted with a similar scam.

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