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Surfing Santa In Fort Erie

For the last 23 years, Fort Erie resident John Fulton has hit the water every year around Christmas time, and has never had any problems, but some people have been misled to think he has.

Fulton is a seasoned wind-surfer with years of experience in the sport. Although there have been a few run-ins over the years with U.S. Customs, the U.S. Coast Guard, and other authorities on both sides of the border, be assured he knows what he is doing. If he felt weather conditions were too harsh, then he would likely wait until the next day, or until conditions are a little more favourable. He has yet to be faced with that decision.

In December, one of his supporters on the Canadian side grew worried when they lost sight of him due to blustery winds, and called authorities from a cell phone on the shore.

The authorities didn’t know that he was doing fine, and that he was actually on his way to setting a record time for the many times “Surfing Santa” has taken on this challenge.

Joining in on the “rescue” mission was the Fort Erie Underwater Recovery Unit. They urged him to wrap up his winter surfing escapade and pleaded with him to get on their boat. He assured them he was fine, but they wouldn’t give up that easily. He did get on the vessel, just because he knew they wouldn’t go down that easily, even though some of the men on the rescue-craft knew him personally and were well aware that he has been doing this for a very long time.

The news reported it as a “rescue mission” which Fulton sees as being inaccurate. Every year he raises money, food, and tangible items for homelessness. At, he encourages people to do whatever they can to combat homelessness. He also asks people to tell their story of who they helped, and how they went about doing it.

Here are a few news clips (some old & some new), about the Surfing Santa.

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  1. check out surfing Santa on Facebook for 2008 pics.
    PS. thanks for the encouraging words!

  2. Surfing says:

    Super Santa :D !

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