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Suicide – Lets talk about it!

Port Colborne has the highest rate of Suicide in all of Niagara. Here’s a video created by UBERYOUTH to educate people about this illness.

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6 Responses
  1. aalcyndore says:

    ppl dont know how to appreciate life anymore…they should think more

  2. aalcyndore says:

    omg…lets stop this

  3. yvo says:

    Good video.Hope it will help reducing the rate..

  4. Marc says:

    I have to believe that the Casinos in the area have elevated the number of suicides in the region since Ontario has a compulsive gambling rate of over 3 percent. Worse yet, the Province of Ontario owns the casinos. It’s hard to understand why a progressive Western government would promote vice on such a grand scale. I’ve discovered a Fallsview Casino opposition group, The site is primarily focused on the negative environmental aspects of the casino, but it also gets into casino’s grave impact to society.

  5. blue_eyes says:

    Sad situation… maybe the high byildings and bridges push people to this method of suicide…even if the impuls exists…

  6. Ray Johnson says:

    Suicides are bound to increase if people don’t have somebody to talk too. And this is increasingly the case in today’s tech driven world.

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