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Sugar Bush Adventure

White Meadows Farms will be having a great Sugar Bush Adventure during the off season beginning February the 13th through April.

Arrive on a pleasant hay ride into the woods where you can enjoy the beauty of nature in the meadows. Take a tour of the sheltered forest while each staff member demonstrates their stations and explain the history of one of Canada’s first agricultural products, Maple Syrup.

Children can compare wing span of local birds or measure nearby trees to see how much can be tapped, try it yourself with a drill! At the pioneer camp you will see how taffy is made traditionally.

The Sugar Bush fields are well prepared and marked to your convenience, each indigenous tree is labeled with specific history and fact. Several stations lit with fires to keep yourself warm along your journey. You may be spending up to 2 hours in the forest so make sure to dress warm, the hay wagons travel to and from the farm between 20 minute intervals, the first wagon leaves at 9:30am and the last wagon at 3:30pm.

General admission is $9.50, children between 2-10 years old only $8:00, and with groups of 20 or more, general admission is $8.00 per person.

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