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Spring break road trip from Ohio to Niagara Falls New York

Sarah Takacs and her friend took a road trip from Ohio to Niagara Falls for Spring Break.  This was the first time any of them saw Niagara Falls in the winter.

Sarah tells us, “At times, we could feel the mist, and, while standing on a bridge, we were amazed at how fast the water flowed over the rocks below us. The best part of the trip, in my opinion, was getting to see the Falls lit up in many different colors at night.”

Glad you and your friends enjoyed the trip and thanks for sharing your video.  We hope to see you in the Summer.

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  1. I remember traveling to Niagara Falls going through Ohio. There are few things like Niagara Falls on earth. All that water poring over those cliffs is simply amazing! And I traveled there in the winter as well. My wife have never been and keeps asking to go. I think going in the summer would be a whole different experience. Maybe soon well make the journey. Thanks for sharing your video!

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