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Should Marineland’s Killer Whale show continue?

The Killer whale shows at SeaWorld Orlando has resumed just a day after, Tillikum,  killed a trainer.  It’s the third time the 30-year-old whale, who was captured in Iceland when he was two years old, has been involved in a death. In 1991, when Tillikum was at Oak Bay’s Sealand of the Pacific, he was among three whales who killed 20-year-old trainer and marine biology student Keltie Byrne after she slipped into the pool. The whales, Tillikum and females Nootka and Haida, would not allow her out of the pool and she drowned. All three whales were sold to SeaWorld in 1992, the same year Sealand closed its doors. In 1999, a 27-year-old man apparently jumped into Tillikum’s pool. He died of drowning and hypothermia, but his body was also found to have bite marks.


Should Marineland continue the Killer Whale show?

One of their main attractions at Marineland Niagara Falls are the Killer Whales.  The Marineland website describes the Killer Whales as affectionate and gentle:

“Despite their ferocious name, killer whales are actually friendly and affectionate animals. Previously regarded as undesirable, fearsome predators, this congenial side of the largest member of the dolphin family became known only through observations and contact made at facilities like Marineland. At Marineland you’ll have the rare opportunity to see, first-hand, just how affectionate, as well as incredibly intelligent, these beautiful friendly giants of the sea really are..” – Marineland

The park does not open until May 22nd and we were not able to contact the park for an official comment on the recent trategy at SeaWorld, or if the park plans to continue the Killer Whale show in 2010. But that does not mean we can’t voice our opinions.  Is it ethical to have large mammals such as killer whales in captivity?  Tell us what you think.

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8 Responses
  1. Monte Uknown says:

    You gotta expect this to happen eventually, they are called KILLER whales for a reason!

  2. Andrew says:

    I think marineland should continue the killer whale shows but, move them to the stadium show and see how that go’s for 1 year and if it just did now work then do the splash and jump sessions again.!

  3. Jerry Svartel says:

    Thanks for this great blog.

  4. I think the shows are fine, the exercise is good for them and so is the interaction.

  5. Ann Marie says:

    I think they should still have the shows.

  6. samantha says:

    i think these killer whales should come out of captivity for good and go back into the wild they are being taken away from there families just so kids can pet them and see tricks. they are forced to do tricks and be away from there parents this is unnaceptable it HAS to stop…NOW!

  7. Angel says:

    I think they should keep it as it is, and if somthing happens well that would be so sad!!!!!!! And did you know that the whale in the front of the pic on this page of the whales, is Willy from that sad Killer Whale movie, if you never know that. Samantha you are so true^^^, they are forced just to do tricks for us, anyways, thats why they decided to kill the people they did, thay are away from their family. Just to tell you now, I’ve actually never know that the Killer Whale in Willy, did even kill someone!!!!!! I’m so mad that there is evil animals out there, but the reason for that, is that [eople are hurting them and it does need to stop!!!!!!!! Thanks to Samantha^^^^ And thanks to the bloggers, on this Website!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3 I may like the Killer Whale's, but yeah not this way!!!!! POEPLE NEEDS TO STOP HURTING THE ANIMALS!!!!!

  8. Celeste says:

    I think Samantha and Angel are completly right. And Angel is my big sister^^^, and when she wrote [eople, she meant to write poeple. Humans shouldn’t be hurting animals. We should let the whales to go free, but the reason of Marineland, is to have sea animals!!! It’s not right to keep animals in a cage or locked up in a small space, they should be in their own habbitat, like us! I have watched the movie Willy with my sister Angel^, and I think it was SO sad, Angel and I was about to cry!!!!</3 I <3 Marineland, but ever since Angel told me this story I was so mad that the whales did this and I think that the whales should be free.<3 ya Angel<3hehe-Celeste and Angel

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