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Psychic Fair

The 17th Annual Niagara Winter Psychic Fair will be held at the Quality Hotel Parkway Convention Centre, 327 Ontario Street St. Catharines, this weekend from Feb 12th-14th.

Featuring some of the world’s best psychic readers, exposing Ontario to the quality of psychic technique. Featuring tarot readings, palm readings, angel readings, and past life readings.

At these fairs and expos, are the presence of mediums, spiritualists, holistic and wellness healers, practitioners of astrology and numerology, and vendors of books, crystals, jewelry, candles, feng shui items, divination tools and unusual curios, and a Kirlian photographer.

There will be lectures, readings and psychic demonstrations.

The Psychic Fair is an amazing experience for all ages.

Admission is $5.00, children under 12 are free, as well as free parking.

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3 Responses
  1. Oranum says:

    I was there. Great time. Came across this blog looking for pics : )

  2. I saw something like this a little while ago in my city. I wanted to go but at the last minute i chickened out. Now i wish i really had went; it sounds both fun and enlightening.

  3. Nume says:

    It was really awesome. You should have been there.

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