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Protester Smashes Windows In Emergency

A 46-year-old female, frustrated with local government officials and the Ontario Health Care System, protested in front of the St. Catharines General Hospital yesterday while carrying a hand-made placard and baseball bat.

She entered the emergency department and began violently swinging a baseball bat in the triage area of the hospital. She was able to smash two glass windows and damage a computer processing unit before police intervened and arrested her. The total damage is estimated at approximately $3,000.00.

Charged with one count of mischief under $5,000.00 is *name removed by request* of 5th Street in St.Catharines.


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5 Responses
  1. Karen McCord-Poole says:

    Your article was inacurate I was protesting the hospital to get medical care for my special needs daughter. Dr. Shukla claimed she was faking her condition 3 years ago so I fired him. The general hospital said i was not aloud to fire a Doctor. We have been unable to get another Dr. since . I protested for more than three weeks because Sarahs condition worsened, she had 4 seizers in a 24 hour period and was improperly resusitated by a staff at Queenchester terrace ask the ems that responded. Also have a look at the video the general has of my so called violent outburst. Ask yourselveswhy all the slander and threats and why you did not once in more than three week did you not publish the fact I was there at all and why the procecutor lied in court on the day of my release and why I had to walk home in Vanier clothing and why my personal affects have never been returned to me., And why Queenchester says there is a restraining order in place so I can’t see my daughter and why the police have no knowledge of any restraining order. I have alway maintained my intentions and will gladly share my copy of social service records. I am an excellant special needs caregiver not only with my daughter. Not once has anyone asked if Sarah is alright your lies have caused me and my family great pain and I am Homeless AND FOLIC ACID IS A VITAMIN Dr Shukla is incompetant but you already know that. cowards travel in pack I found out the hard way pleas take my name off your archive

  2. Dennis says:

    Karen: I have removed your name from the article as per your request. The facts above have been provided to us from a media release and have not been altered. If you feel the media release was not true or that it had not given the whole story, I would be happy to post a follow up to this article. Write me at complete with your side of the story. Hope to hear from you.

  3. Jackie Smith says:

    Mother’s Day came and went and Karen was not even permitted to visit with her daughter.
    She was also SO much more than “charged with one count of mischief”, so was tossed in Vanier for 23 days! This was a first time offender. You tell ME, who is so angry with this poor frustrated woman, anyway?
    All she desperately seeks is the proper medical care for her daughter. Her protests outside the General Hospital got her no where and, sadly, she exploded. Yes, where WAS the media when she was peacefully protesting? As usual it takes something outrageous to get media attention. Yet, still Karen’s daughter is being held, away from her loving Mother. What is wrong with this picture??

  4. Karen McCord-Poole says:

    When are reporters like you going to get the story right because of lack of research on your part I have not been heard. My conscience is clear. I ve been here for 4 years now and lost everything trying call attention to several matters. People like you are more interested in slander and sensationalizing thing than you are the truth and it could cost my daughters and my life. At least I tried to help her and special needs adults everywhere. Like I said my conscience is clear IS YOURS.
    Someone that really cares Karen McCord-Poole

  5. Dennis says:

    Karen: I understand that every story has two sides and it has been my belief since day one that every story must be unbiased. I have been waiting over a year to hear from you by email so I could write another article with your side of the story, however, you have failed to contact me.

    From your comments that you have posted here, it is very clear how you feel and I no longer see a need to write a follow up article. Thank you for your comments and the best of luck to you.