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Prank at Niagara Bed and Breakfast

This prank was played on tourists visiting Niagara on the Lake on a ghost hunting trip. By rigging a lamp to work by remote control, they are scared to death.

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9 Responses
  1. Toronto says:

    I hope the tourists did this and not the B&B. I’d hate to have a hidden camera in my room.

  2. hotelguide says:

    I’d hate to have a hidden camera in my room u see that

  3. criptk says:

    I hate bed and brackfast in niagara. Too much money.

  4. kotof says:

    hahha ha ghost hunters are scared!

  5. Dennis says:

    It was a prank played by friends who were with them on the trip.

  6. Tom says:

    That’s a brilliant prank. Im gonna do that to my wife, shes scared of ghosts.

  7. Tom says:

    hahha ha ghost hunters

  8. Tim Doyon says:

    Geez, that is wrong on so many levels. First you have amateur ghost hunters that way over-react to the situation without properly investigating it; then you have the complete and total violation of privacy with the cameras in their room. Despite all that, it is kinda funny, lol.

  9. Todd says:

    That is great!

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