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Port Colborne Youth Hit By Car

On Friday, Port Colborne Fire Dept, Niagara EMS, and Niagara Regional Police responded to the intersection of Elm and Kent Street’s, after a 10 year old boy was struck by a north bound vehicle while crossing Elm Street.

The youth was hurrying to get home when he stepped into the path of the north bound vehicle driven by a 19 year old Port Colborne resident. The driver of the vehicle attempted to stop but icy road conditions caused his vehicle to slide and strike the pedestrian.

The child fell in front of the vehicle, at which point, the same weather conditions which were a factor in causing the accident, appear to have played a part in saving the child’s life.

The front fender of the vehicle pushed the child across the icy road surface ahead of the vehicles front wheels, as it slid for a distance of 30 meters. It is likely that on a dry road surface
the child would have been run over by the vehicle.

The youth was transported to Port Colborne General Hospital where he was examined and released shortly afterwards with nothing more serious than bruises and scrapes to his arms and legs.

Police would like to remind pedestrians as well as motor vehicle operators, that they need to use extreme caution at all times when visibility is reduced and keep in mind that even plowed and treated road surfaces often remain icy.

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