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Police Warn To Think Twice Before Giving A Loan

The Niagara Regional Police Service would like to remind all citizens, and especially seniors, to use caution in regard to their financial matters. The warning is in response to recent incidents involving unscrupulous individuals approaching seniors for financial loans.

In each incident the culprit used a false story involving illness or financial desperation to con trusting, compassionate citizens out of their hard earned money. Sadly, in some cases, the con artists were family members or acquaintances of the victims.

The following tips are offered to help senior citizens and others decide if they should agree to make any type of financial loan:

– Remember that you are not compelled to loan anyone money including family members.

– If the story sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

– You are not the last resort for those in financial need. There are many government and social agencies available to assist people with health issues and financial assistance matters.

– Don’t be pressured into making quick arrangements. Advise someone you trust of the situation. Consult with your bank manager before making any final decisions.

– You should notify the police if you, or someone you know, are being threatened or pressured into giving someone money.

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