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Police Dogs Trained In Grimsby

Niagara is the head training region for most police dogs across Ontario and over the border in New York.

On Wednesday, November 14, police officers from across Niagara and the United States brought their dogs to Place Polonaise in Grimsby for their yearly recertification course. They worked late into the night inside Place Polonaise, after a live demonstration of tackling a “suspect” in the parking lot lit by the headlights from police cruisers.

Constable Neil Orlando said the dogs and their officers take this course once a year.

The dogs are trained in detecting explosives, drugs and general patrol.

Each year in Niagara the canines are called to work approximately 1,000 to 1,400 times. Orlando said he’s not sure of the figures in West Niagara, but that he’s called the canines and their handlers a number of times.

“We use them quite regularly out here,” he said, adding there are a number of automobile thefts and home break-ins that the dogs are used for. “Personally I’ve called them out a number of times and they do a fantastic job.”

The amount of use in each city or area is reflective of population: a higher population usually leads to a higher crime rate.

With Grimsby’s growing numbers, Orlando said the crime rates are on the rise a bit.

The full article can be found at West Niagara Community Newspapers

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