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Parks police to stay in business

NPC ‘happy’ to have regional council support for stand-alone status for Niagara Parks Police, Katzman says

The Niagara Parks Police appear to have a new lease on life, less than two months before it would have been forced to disband, after Niagara regional council backed its request to become a stand-alone police force.

Regional councillors voted Thursday in favour of a request from the Niagara Parks Commission to have its 55-member agency given the same status as the Niagara Regional Police, a move the region’s own police board opposes.

“We are very happy. We will now move forward with the Niagara region. Hopefully, all these problems you’ve been reading about and hearing about will be put to bed in a very short time,” said Archie Katzman, acting chairman of the Niagara Parks Commission, during a board meeting Friday morning.

Only 12 hours earlier, a couple hundred supporters of the parks police, including uniformed officers, firefighters and American police, packed regional council’s public gallery to show their solidarity with the small agency.

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