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On this day in Niagara Falls History – July 2, 1903

On July 2, 1903, Baseball Hall of Famer Ed Delahanty, who compiled a .346 lifetime batting average, dies after mysteriously falling off a railroad bridge connecting Buffalo with Fort Erie.  According to some witnesses, a conductor had ordered Delahanty to disembark the train because of disorderly behavior.

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  1. Chip Walker says:

    Correction to your post about Ed Delahanty. He actually fell from the International Railroad Bridge, which connects Buffalo with Fort Erie. He had boarded a train in Detroit bound for Buffalo. As the train crossed southern Ontario, Canada, Delahanty engaged in
    disruptive behavior (he was heavily intoxicated) and was repeatedly warned by the conductor that he must behave or be put off the train. Delahanty became even more combative and was forcibly removed from the train when it stopped at Fort Erie, Ontario, for Customs & Immigration inspections before it would re-enter the US. It was night, and
    Delahanty attempted to follow the train by walking across the railroad bridge over the Niagara River into Buffalo. He never reached the American side. A week later, his battered body, minus an arm, was recovered below Niagara Falls, 25 miles downstream from where he would have fallen into the river. Mike Sowell’s book, “July 2, 1903”, is a detailed account of the events of that night, and the subsequent investigation into Delahanty’s death.

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