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Niagara Science Museum Hosts Free Community Open House

Niagara Falls, NY – The Niagara Science Museum is hosting its first Community Open House on Saturday, August 13, from 11a.m. – 2 p.m. The museum is located at 3625 Highland Ave., Niagara Falls, NY. The event is free and open to the public.

Nick Dalacu, the museum’s founder and director, and several community volunteers will give live demonstrations of scientific experiments using artifacts from the museum’s large collection of historic scientific instruments, including high-voltage electronics, solar technologies, meteorology, and a demonstration of the museum’s turn-of-the-century printing press studio. Adults, children, families, and community members are all welcome to attend.

“The Open House is designed to open our doors to the community,” says Dalacu. “We’re a different kind of museum, and we’re relatively new. It’s not really like the other attractions in the region, and we want to show the local community that there are great things happening in Niagara Falls.” Dalacu adds, “Our goal is for visitors to walk away with a sense of wonder about the world they live in,and to have fun doing it.”

In the spirit of the museum’s community roots, free hot dogs and drinks will be provided for visitors. Dalacu, a former physicist, founded the museum in 2009 after a lifetime of collecting over 2000 historically significant scientific instruments and technologies. Located in the former Union Carbide Building built in 1910, the museum’s unlikely location pays homage to the region’s scientific and industrial history. Dalacu has restored the formerly derelict building and converted the museum to run off an array of solar panels on the building’s roof.

Despite its off-the-beaten-path location at the corner of Highland and College Roads, this unique museum has experienced some excellent recognition lately. It is currently the #1 Niagara Falls attraction on, as voted by the site’s users. It has been the subject of recent stories in the Buffalo News, Niagara Gazette, and other local media. Furthermore, it was recognized by as one of the nation’s ‘Top Ten Museums for Geeks,’ an award the museum wears with pride.

“I think there’s not a big difference between what philanthropies do and what we’re doing,” says Dalacu. “Philanthropies want to share their wealth with the community, but what we have to share is mental wealth on science and education. If a visitor can see an experiment with their own eyes and think ‘cool!’ then we’ve done our job.”

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