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Niagara Food & Wine Expo Ticket Giveaway Contest

Come celebrate with us the finest in international food, beer, and wine at the Niagara Food & Wine Expo. Visitors can sample the signature dishes prepared by their favourite Niagara Region Chefs, and discover the perfect bottle of Riesling from one of the neighbouring wineries. This is Niagara’s largest international tasting event!

Where: The  Expo will be held at the newly constructed, state-of-the-art, environmentally designed Scotiabank Convention Centre. Situated in the internationally renowned destination of Niagara Falls, this cutting edge facility is the first of its kind in Ontario and provides a stunning backdrop for this world-class event.

When: May 27 to 29, 2011

General admission tickets are $12.  But we are giving them away for FREE! Want a ticket?  Here is what you have to do:

1. Visit

2. Comment on this post and tell us which restaurant or winery you are most excited about visiting at the Expo.

3. Want an extra entry? Retweet this on Twitter ” I want to go to the Niagara Food & Wine Expo @NFWE #NFWE ”

We’ll be announcing winners throughout the duration of the Contest.  The contest ends May 17th 2011.

The winners of the Niagara Food & Wine Expo ticket giveaway are:

Dave S, Jenny C, Jennie N.

2 of the winners won by posting a comment on this page and 1 won by tweeting about it on Twitter.

Thank you Enterprise Canada Media and Public Relations for making this contest possible.



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36 Responses
  1. Elizabeth V says:

    I would most like to visit 20 Bees Wine, love the name. But would make every effort to visit and sample them all. Love local wine. And who doesn’t like great food!

    And I am now following on FB and Twitter. Heres my retweet (Redlizzy1):

  2. Jennifer says:

    20 Bees Wine,looks good but i think just going is an experince

  3. candice says:

    i’m most excited to visit the palatine hills estate winery booth!

    twitter id – @biogirl13

  4. Jennie N says:

    I would most like to visit Hernder Estate Wines at the Expo. I was there for a wedding two years ago and their ice wines are just to die for! They have really amazing wines :)

    I retweeted on twitter here:!/neonkiss/status/66547517617221632

    Thanks for the opportunity! :) Got my fingers crossed. I love the Niagara region and tasting all the awesome local wines.

    – Jennie

  5. Lily V says:

    I would love to visit E & J Gallo – their zinfandel is my favourite!!

  6. Sylvia Shaw says:

    20 bees is what I am looking forward to visiting

  7. Don Shaw says:

    Diamond Estates is what is on the top of my list

  8. Arlene Sax says:

    I am most excited to visit the Sushi and Oyster Bar at the expo. I also want to visit Chocolate FX and Joseph’s Estate Wines.

  9. Kristina Ziegler says:

    20 Bees sounds amazing!

  10. Sara Wappler says:

    I am looking forward to visiting Diamond Estates

  11. emma walpole says:

    I would like to visit the Cannery Restaurant
    I spent a lot of time as a child in Niagara-on-the-lake and I would love to take my family back there and visit something new!

  12. Luisa says:

    I am looking forward to visiting Escabeche restaurant and Maritime Lobster. And Southbrook! Cant wait!

  13. Rob says:

    I would love to try 20 Bees Wine and the Maritime Lobster looks great!

  14. John Crawley says:

    Lailey Vineyards to see what winemaker Derek Barnett is exerimenting with

  15. Niagara Blog says:

    Our first winner is @neonkiss She won free tickets to the Niagara Food & Wine Expo. The winner was chosen at random using

    Don’t worry. We have more tickets to give away.

  16. Tara says:

    I’ve been to Joseph’s winery once before many years ago – can’t wait to try some of these wines again. I also would love to try Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse – I’ve heard so much about it but haven’t had the chance to try it!

  17. Jim says:

    I would love to visit the Barefoot Wine & Bubbly brewery as well as the Maritime Lobster! But really, they all sound great.

  18. Melissa says:

    Golden Lotus and Kacaba for sure.

  19. Melissa says:

    twitter id = @deceptika

  20. Darrin says:

    I’m most interested in visiting Koi

  21. Suzy says:

    I’ll be at the Criveller Cakes booth for sure!

  22. Jocelyne says:

    I would like to visit 20 Bees Wine because we always purchase that wine! It’s great and I’d like to try other kinds as well.

    I retweeted on twitter here:!/JojoNick7/status/67655588393390080


  23. Katherine says:

    Highly recommend 20 Bees

  24. Wei says:

    Hernder Estate is the one we would like to try.

  25. Darren says:

    I’ll like to visit the Cannery Restaurant at the Expo!

  26. Dana says:

    I’d like to vist the Konzelmann Estate Winery exhibit and try one of their wines!

  27. Nicole says:

    I’m excited to visit the Between the Lines winery at the expo. Thanks!

  28. Ellen Cote says:

    I have heard of the 20 Bees!!! Love to visit the Estate!!!

  29. Jenny13 says:

    20 Bees is a fairly new Winery, I have heard so much about it and would love to experience it.
    The Niagara Falls Convention Centre just opened, I want to experience it also.

  30. Franklin says:

    I would like to visit Josephs Winery – besides selling wine they also sell grapeseed oil.

  31. Vera Jean says:

    I want to visit them all. Sounds exciting and something to look forward to.

  32. Monique says:

    I would like to try 20 Bees since I’ve heard so much about it and everyone on here seems to as well! I want to sample as much as I can because I’m a huge fan of wine. I’ve been to Hernder Estate but haven’t tried the wine – I definitely want to if I win!

  33. @AOSDave Shaw says:

    Sure would be great to see wine and food offerings from the Niagara College programs!

  34. mango says:

    Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse and Pillitteri Winery

  35. Luisa says:

    I cant wait to sample 20 Bees now.

    I have retweeted @weezieme

  36. Shalynn says:

    I am excited for bravo pizzeria and grill, and inniskillin :) but really any and all of them!

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