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Niagara Falls paintings by Frederic Edwin Church

NG 799This painting, based on a drawing Church made at Niagara in July 1856 and on a sepia photograph touched with colour, was commissioned by the New York art dealer Michael Knoedler in 1866. It may originally have been destined for the Universal Exhibition in Paris, as Church was selected to represent America there. It was bought in 1887 by John S. Kennedy who presented it to his native Scotland. It is the only major example of Church’s work in a European public collection.  The painting is currently on display at the National Gallery of Scotland.Church1This painting of the Horseshoe Falls was painted in 1957.  It one of the most famous paintings of Niagara.  After winning a prize in a Paris exhibition it was purchased by Washington’s Corcoran Gallery for $12,500.

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  1. JB says:

    Church has a strong tie to Niagara, in that he was instrumental in getting both the American and Canadian sides to strike up an agreement to protect the lands around Niagara Falls.

  2. WOw. These painting are incredible. They got my jaws down. Thanks for sharing them. They inspire me.

  3. glenn says:

    I have always liked his painting of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, had a copy of it in my garage (Vancouver Canada) for a long time but would rather get a copy of the original as a poster if it is available

  4. Didn’t you mean to say it was painted in 1857, instead of 1957?

  5. Ann Perkins says:

    Can’t believe they’re paintings! It’s gorgeous!!! Nice website, too, Joanne. So glad you’re getting some time at home. Ann

  6. Fe*** says:

    AWESOME!!!! :O

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