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Niagara Falls Elections

Your Niagara Falls Election Candidates are:

Mayor – 1 to be elected

Jim Diodati

Ted Salci

City Councillor – 8 to be elected

Garry V. Beck

Tony Bianco

Sandy Bird

Dennis Bowers

Tony Caruso

Peter T. Dychtiar

Shirley Fisher

Karen Fraser

Wayne Gates

Harvey Gordon

Permod Goyal

Carolynn Ioannoni

James C. Kang

Vince Kerrio

Bart Maves

Rich Merlino

Joyce Morocco

Terry O’Reilly

Victor Pietrangelo

Mervyn Senior

Wayne Thomson

Jeannette Tossounian

Deborah Tredwell

Janice Wing

Regional Councillor – 3 to be elected

Mark Cahill

Barbara Greenwood

Bart Maves

“Norm” Puttick

Daniel Rodrique

Trustee for District School Board of Niagara – 2 to be elected

Clarke Bitter

Helga Campbell

Barbara Ness

Zeljka Stankovic-Zubic

Trustee for Niagara Catholic District School Board – 2 to be elected

Frank Fera

Paul Quaranta

Maureen Young

Trustee for the French Public School Board

Ronald A. Marion

To see if you are on the voter’s list check here: Look-up

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2 Responses

    Hey! I’m running for regional council as a rep from NF – please add my name

  2. Curiculum Vitae says:

    It’s great to run for election. The winner will definitely want to put the responsibility on their resume

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