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Niagara Blog is One Year Old

It’s been one year today since our first post so here is a recap of the top 10 most popular original videos featured over the past year.

Jonas Brothers Come Out of the Closet

Tivoli Miniature World

Daredevil Days 2008

Overfeed Animals at Happy Rolphs Petting Zoo

Cool Illusion at Ripley’s in Niagara Falls

Hand Binoculars

Fight Down By The Falls

House Fire At Scott And Lake Streets

New Years Eve Brawl On Niagara Street

Truck Cuts Off Police Car in St. Catharines

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3 Responses
  1. Jens says:

    Singing: Happy birthday to the blog ;-)

  2. Shelly-Ann says:

    My favourite one is the kid with the hand binoculers and the happy rolphs one is funny too.

  3. Wow! So happy for that. happy 1st year. keep up the good work.

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