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New Bike Registration Program

The Niagara Regional Police Service is launching a new program in an effort to better identify lost or stolen bicycles that are recovered by police to ensure they are returned to their lawful owners.

The self-registration program is open to every resident of the Niagara Region via the NRPS website, at every NRP District Headquarter’s front desk, and at NRP Community Services Unit bike rodeos throughout the summer.

The program directs the bike owner to complete a checklist printed on the front of an envelope. The checklist includes detailed information about the bicycle. This information includes the bicycle serial number, colour, type, and any modifications made to the bike. The owner is then instructed to take a photograph of the bike, and include a copy of the original receipt. The envelope is stored in a safe place in the event the bike is ever lost or stolen. If the bike is lost or stolen, the owner will be able to provide the envelope to the police. The information and the photograph will be entered onto the Niagara Regional Police Service records system; the bike will then be identified as lost or stolen property. When the bike is recovered the information provided by the bike owner, and previously entered into the system, can be cross-referenced with the found property. The bicycle can then be returned to the registered owner. Better identification of stolen bicycles will also assist police in charging thieves with possession of stolen property if the bike is found in their possession.

The Niagara Regional Police Service encourages anyone who wishes to participate in the self registration program to log onto the NRP website. Printed envelopes can also be picked up at any Niagara Regional Police Service District Office. Information on how to protect your bike from being stolen, and tips on safe cycling, can also be found on the NRP website.

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