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More 80’s Footage of Niagara Falls
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6 Responses
  1. Leo says:

    I love these old videos I keep seeing on here. Its so odd to see Niagara Falls in this way and I hope you will be posting more.

  2. Single Maria says:

    Thanks for the post. Yeah, great video. By the way it is Still warm during the day there, but can get cooler at night. Niagara tends to get Indian Summer most years as well. Just make sure to pack a light, waterproof jacket, as it is wet and misty down near the falls, shorts, t’s, pants……..and good walking shoes, for the go between attractions. Do, welcome)))

  3. Fanterds says:

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. lue says:

    Its so odd to see Niagara Falls in this way

  5. Tommy says:

    I love Niagara Falls. Everyone should see it once in their life.

  6. porfi says:

    wish i could be there, that vid

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