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Memo: Code of Conduct for the Commissioners and Sr Staff

niagara-parks-footer-logoCode of Conduct
Code of Conduct for the Commissioners and Senior Staff
January 20th, 2010
Memo to: Commissioners & Senior Staff
From: Howard Grant, Fairness Commissioner
PPI Consulting Limited
Re: Restrictions on Lobbying Activities related to the Request for Proposals for Tour Boat Services

I have been hired by the Ministry of Tourism to assist the Niagara Parks Commission with the competitive process for tour boat services. In my role as Fairness Commissioner, I will provide oversight and process advice to ensure fairness throughout the competitive process.

The Niagara Parks Commission has established a Project Team comprised of John Kernahan, Nick Murphy and Joel Noden for the planning, design and advancement of this initiative. From time to time, others in the Commission may also be requested to contribute their expertise to the initiative.

As preparations to launch the competitive process are now underway, it is important that no one at the Niagara Parks Commission has any discussions related to the tour boat land lease opportunity with any potential bidders.

In this context, no activity or representation on the part of either the Commissioners or senior staff that may be intended to lobby or influence the decision-making process of the management, planning, and design of the Request for Proposals or of the procurement team members is permitted.

“Lobbying activities” means any oral or written communication (including any electronic-based communication) with a staff member or external consultant which may be made in an effort to influence decision-making, including the specifications that will be included in the Request for Proposals.

Any representation to the Commissioners or senior staff concerning tour boat services, either directly or indirectly, by private individuals or private sector corporate representatives that may be deemed to be lobbying in an effort to influence decision making, as noted above, should be resisted and referred immediately to the Fairness Commissioner.

All formal or informal requests for meetings concerning tour boat services, either directly or indirectly, by representatives of any special interest groups, private sector businesses, or industry trade organizations should be discussed with the Fairness Commissioner prior to acceding to any such request.

In the event such representations or requests arise, all questions should be directed to:
Howard Grant
Fairness Commissioner

Code of Conduct Doc

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