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  1. Jim Massey says:

    We have had many memorable romantic moments. One was we went to Visaggio’s in Central Pa for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. Its a very nice Northern Italian restaurant. I had arranged with the hostess to have the waitress bring out my wife a present as one of the courses.(It was a diamond necklace.) My wife isn’t for putting on airs or showing off. She opened it but hesitated to put it on. The waitress said to my honey- Most people dodn’t make it to a 25 Anniversary. It really made the evening even more special.

  2. Sandra says:

    We went to Niagra Falls on our honeymoon 8 years ago. We fell in love with the falls!!! WE went up and down clifton hills and have a very romantic time tuning into our feelings and had cake at our hotel. We went to Marineland and watched the show of the dolphins, wales, and seals. My favorite animal is the dolphin and I went up to the tank and fell in love with my husband allowing me to spend time with my favorite animal. We went and played games at the Midway and have a adventure of our lifetime. We enjoy the simple things in life like playing golf at the dinosaur golf course and had fun. We rode the maid of the mist and love feeling the water in our face. We went behind the journey of the falls and enjoyed seeing the water through the tunnels. If you allow you to go one a second honeymoon there is so much things we would love to do exceptually visit the winnerys, and go under the water in a jet boat. Take a helicoper over the falls!!! We don’t spend too much time together now that we have two young children who are 10 months and 2 1/2 that we would love getting to know each other all over again thanks

  3. Kim Summers says:

    October 25 2003 Melinda and I got married and we decided to go to niagara falls Marriott for our honeymoon, this was our first time here since we were both kids… When we called looking for a room most places we’re helpful but not the most accommodating. When I called the Marriott they told us about packages and gave us such a great deal with breakfast and supper and so much more. We arrived and had the best trip, being able to park at the motel and walk to all the attractions makes it so easy. We missed maids of the mist by one day but enjoy the journey behind the falls and Clifton hill. Since this getaway we made this our anniversary spot every October for next 6 years except for 2005 we had our first child Mikayla on October 22 but it was worth missing that vacation. Each year since we been discovering new attractions and finally on our fourth try we made it to the maids of the mist very cool. This has been our spot away from home. But in 2010 october we decided to take the kids 2 now, well they loved the boat ride, butterfly conservation they felt the magic. Next year they were watching an old movie called free willy then they seen a commercial called marineland well that was it back to niagara falls summer 2011. July 2011 we went best family trip ever at the end of the trip on the way back home, a 6 hr drive to Cornwall they were discussing how we are coming back again in 2012. Well I’m starting to look at packages for marineland then they discovered the indoor water park so im sure we are going there to. The only problem is that we lost our alone spot but seeing the excitement in the kids face makes it worth it. Never thought that 9 years ago that we would enjoy this place that much and it would be our go to spot each year. Just anxious to what happens this year what we are going to see and experience funny how we always find new thing.

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