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Man And His Dog Break Ice In Fort Erie

NRPS Media Release

On the 28 of January 2008 at 4:36 P.M. A 52 year old Fort Erie man was walking his golden Labrador dog on the lake Erie Shore Line at Windmill Point, Fort Erie. At that time the dog fell into a ice and slush filled hole and was unable to escape. The male attempted to assist his dog and climbed into the hole but was unable to extricate the dog. The male also suffered the effects of hypothermia and was unable to escape.

His cries for help were heard by another Fort Erie man and his wife who were checking cottages in the area. The male stayed with the victim and his dog while his wife called the Niagara Regional Police for assistance.

Upon arrival the officers were able to get the victim out of the water and he was transported to the Douglas Memorial Hospital for treatment of hypothermia. Police were able to rescue the dog. Both man and dog are expected to make a full recovery.

The Niagara Regional Police would like to take this opportunity to warn our citizens to exercise extreme caution around any bodies of water or ice at this time of year as the fluctuating temperatures can rapidly change the conditions, making it very dangerous to walk on.

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  1. Dog Breeds says:

    ohh that is so sad. In my country Kenya we don’t have snow or ice so its hard to imagine how cold it must have been out there. Good thing neither of them died.

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