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Lock It Or Lose It

With the onset of the holiday shopping season, the Niagara Regional Police – Community Services Unit would like to encourage and remind everyone to be vigilant in making your holidays safe and enjoyable.

Everyday, someone makes it extremely easy for a thief to steal their property. Police urge the residents of Niagara to help prevent theft by following some helpful reminders.

Never leave your vehicle running and unattended.
Always lock your vehicle.
Park in a well lit area.
Never leave valuables/purchases in plain view.

Lock all doors and windows.
Don’t advertise what Santa brought you.
Make it look like someone is home.

Encourage your neighbours to call Police if they see anything suspicious.

It only takes thieves seconds to steal your property.
Do your job, don’t help them with theirs.
“HAPPY HOLIDAYS” from the Niagara Regional Police Service

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  1. Sarah says:

    I think that it is really important to remind people about the importance of keeping things safe at this time of year. A friend of mine told me about an incident that occured at the dollarama earlier this week. She pulled into a spot in the parking lot and noticed that the car next to her was running, however no one was sitting in the drivers seat. Upon further inspection, she realized that there was a sleeping baby in the backseat, AND the doors were unlocked. Knowing that this was a rather shady area, she waited for the owner of the car to return…15 MINUTES LATER! She relayed her concern about the situation to the owner of the car…and the owner LAUGHED. As someone who has dedicated their life to working with children, I am DISGUSTED with this situation. Not only could her car have easily been stolen, but her little baby could have been taken too. I am reminded of all of the incidents that occured in the summer, where infants and children were left in the sweltering heat in their cars…only to suffer dire consequences. It takes one minute to pull your baby out of their carseat, and regardless of whether or not your baby is sleeping…what is more important…their safety or having them crying in your arms (which should remind you of the precious gift you have been given in the first place). So please don’t take safety for granted…particularly at this time of year!

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