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Jackie Chan Wannabe

This guy tries to impersonate his favourite Jackie Chan movie.

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2 Responses
  1. Keyword is “tries”.

  2. I like Jackie Chan because he has the kindest heart. So many people around him have full respect of him, especially the people of Hong Kong. He needs no bodyguard because people just love him so much and they have so much respect. He is a worldwide superstar and has opened the hearts of many viewers and fans. When I watch Jackie Chan movies with my granddad we laugh and have great fun and I really enjoy that. His movies are great; he is great and is a great influence on children. Jackie Chan was put on this earth to entertain people and he did that job well and not only that but he has helped many other people across the world. Without Jackie Chan I would not be the person that I am and without Jackie Chan I would have never known Kath and all the great fans.

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