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Indoor Skydiving in Niagara Falls

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12 Responses
  1. Amazing video.. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    No other sport can make you experience the thrill that skydiving does.

  2. nazar says:

    very nice blog and amazing video clips…
    thanks a lot

  3. paul says:

    I’d like to give this a shot next time I’m in the area.

  4. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  5. Joe says:

    My GF and I want to try this. How can we find or get discounts on a package deal on teaching us how to get the best out of this and possible multiple visits since we are local.

  6. Kavan Whitford says:

    how much does it cost per person to go to this indoor skydiving place?

  7. Mauro says:

    We want to try a family adventure, and it seems indoor skydiving won.

    Do you offer packages?
    Is there an age,height or weight restriction?

    Please send info.


  8. Taylor Hayter says:

    HI my name is taylor hayter and i am 14 years old turning 15 in november, ive been wanting to go skydiving for about 3 or 4 years now but you have to be 16, i was just wondering if there is an age limit to this, because ive only seen videos of adults. And i was wondering if it would be no problem if i could have the address and the price for 1 admission. Thanks for Takeing the time to read this and i hope i will get a reply soon.

    Thanks again
    Taylor Hayter

  9. chloe says:

    3 mins NO WAY!!!!!!!!

  10. shaan says:

    how much did this cost. could you give me the site or contact info thanks!

  11. Ian Martin says:

    Hi ,

    I’m organizing a stag wouldn’t mind doing this during the day before we party it up at night. Let me know of a group rate and/or some other info.


  12. Eric says:

    what are your rates?

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