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In 5 Years, 25,985 Niagara Residents Moved Away

Clipped From The St.Catharines Standard

Over the past five years, Niagara has lost hundreds of residents to other parts of the country.

New census figures released Tuesday by Statistics Canada indicate communities throughout Niagara lost a net total of 405 people between 2001 and 2006.

Although the region gained a total of 25,580 people in that time, 25,985 people moved away.

The statistics did not break down the information by communities within Niagara. The region as a whole grew by 4.1 per cent.

Census data indicate the Kitchener area saw the largest influx of former Niagara residents with 1,110 people moving there, compared with 635 Kitchener residents moving here.

Alberta’s big cities, Calgary and Edmonton, also lured away hundreds of Niagara residents. Combined, those cities drew 830 people from Niagara, compared with 450 Albertans moving here.

The number of people moving to Niagara from Toronto helped minimize the region’s net loss.

The census data indicate that 7,470 people left Canada’s largest city for Niagara, compared to 5,745 who opted to move to the big city, meaning a net gain for Niagara of 1,725 people.

The influx of people from Toronto, Port Colborne Mayor Vance Badawey said, could be an indication of the quality of life Niagara has to offer.

“When you look at the GTA, it’s all that you expect life to offer,” he said. “What we do down here in Niagara, is we offer what people expect to get out of life, quite frankly.”

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  1. Sarah says:

    Perhaps if there were more decent jobs in this area, fewer people would be leaving. I personally love living here…however I couldnt survive on minimum wage if I had to.

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