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Husband’s Relief at Ambulance’s Arrival Turns to Terror as Vehicle Carrying Wife Collides with Car

Lyle Satchell choked on the words.

“I was just totally upset. My kids were freaking out,” the St. Catharines man mustered.

Friday afternoon, Satchell relived how he felt when an ambulance carrying his wife, Anita, 49, collided with a car on Merritt Road a day earlier, just metres from the Satchells’ Ball Avenue home.

With lights and sirens blaring, the ambulance was rushing Anita to St. Catharines General Hospital just before 5 p. m. for what Satchell believed was a heart attack, when the driver of an Oldsmobile heading south on Merritt Road lost control and slid across the centre line into the northbound ambulance’s path.

Despite being strapped to a gurney, Satchell said his wife flew forward just as the paramedic by her side was trying to insert an intravenous needle into her arm.

Anita then fell to the floor, hitting her face and side.

Satchell was just getting into his car to follow the ambulance when a neighbour came over to tell him about the collision.

Read the full article: St. Catharines Standard

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