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High Winds In Fort Erie

Clipped from The Fort Erie Times

Trees were down, hydro was cut briefly and clean-up crews were still working on Thursday morning to clean up the mess created by a windstorm that swept through Fort Erie and the rest of Southern Ontario on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

According to Doug Campbell, the Town of Fort Erie’s operations manager, some trees took a while to be removed from roadways.

“Some of the trees took quite some time to be removed because there was hydro involved and (Canadian Niagara Power) was concentrating on getting the power back on on their main lines before they could respond to help us,” Campbell said.

He said some catch basins were also clogged, but no serious flooding was recorded.

“The power outages didn’t affect anything too adversely.”

The winds managed to knock out power to about 3,400 Fort Erie customers around 4:30 Wednesday morning. 2,700 houses had their lights back on by 6:30 a.m., with 650 more getting online by 7:30 a.m., according to Kristine Carmichael of Canadian Niagara Power.

Geoff Coulson, a warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment Canada, said wind gusts of up to 117 km/h were reported at the Port Colborne weather station, the nearest location to Fort Erie he could provide.

He said Fort Erie residents would know this isn’t a freak occurrence for the area.

“(With) the winds coming right down the axis in Fort Erie, with that southwest flow and no friction over the lake to speak of and the winds blowing straight across from Toledo…this was one of those cases,” Coulson said.

Windy days are common in Canada during the winter, he said, and more high winds were expected on Friday with a low-pressure system moving in from Missouri.

“It is worth noting that we’ve got a lot of winter left to go and these types of storms are definitely not unheard of when we head into the latter part of January, through February, March, even into April,” said Coulson.

Coulson would like to remind people to make sure everything on their porches is stored away or tied down.

“One of the freaky things yesterday was the cover of the air conditioner of my neighbour was taken off, blown around the corner of my house and up onto my porch, which was sort of like a U,” he said.

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