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Hey Canada, Can you turn down the noise?

Congratulations Canada for winning gold in Men’s Hockey and being #1 in the Gold Medal Standings.Canada wins

Here are some great quotes heard on  Twitter:

“I’m a little surprised team USA can’t find a goalie fat enough to block the entire net.” – @badbanana

“Congratulations Canada. Winning the Hockey gold makes up for winning the Curling gold.”  –  @cravenheart

“it’s hard to be a canadian. What with all this GOLD weighing us down all the time. Suck it, rest of the world.” – @JoshRamsay

“Hey Canada. Best of 3?” – @CraigyFerg

“Dear USA – Your neighbours are going to be VERY NOISY tonight. Apologies ;) Now, let’s start the party…” – @CanadaCool

“That’s okay, Canada. We’ll still let you sneak into our country for quality health care.” – @badbanana

“New Zealand didn’t win a single medal. I think it was all the snow and ice. We weren’t expecting that.”  – @cravenheart

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2 Responses
  1. AmishFurniture says:

    It’s Very Nice Post…

  2. Austin says:

    I was in Vancouver when they won hockey gold. I wasn’t at the game but was watching at a bar on Robson. It was pandemonium! So much fun!

    I can’t wait for the next time USA and Canada might face off on the Olympic stage in Russia!


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