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Harry Houdini 1922 Niagara Falls Stunt

This is footage of a 1922 movie called “The Man From Beyond”. It features a stunt, by the famous magician Harry Houdini, and his co-star dangerously close to the edge of Niagara Falls.  There’s no camera tricks and apparently very few safety fail-safes.

Movie Plot:  The body of a man, Howard Hillary (played by Harry Houdini), frozen for a hundred years, is found in the Arctic ice.  Thawed out and awakened, Hillary insists that a young woman, Felice, is his fiance from a century before. Hillary is interned in a mental institution but escapes and realizes the truth of where he is and that Felice is actually the descendant of his own Felice from long ago. Hillary joins her in searching for her father, who has been abducted by someone known to them both. (Source IMDB)

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5 Responses
  1. So what’s the secret of the stunt, it’s incredible!

  2. Lincoln Mueller says:

    Excellent film footage. I visited Niagara Falls in December 2009 and was looking for the Houdini Museum on Cliffton Hill. Seems to be gone. Does anybody know what happened to it ?

  3. GGG says:

    The video wasnt working but i imagine it was amazing!
    I wish i could be like him hes my idle lol

  4. Monica Bower says:

    According to the Wikipedia entry for ‘Harry Houdini Museum’ there was a ‘tragic fire’ at the Niagara Falls location in 1995, and the museum in Scranton is now the only one in existence (and from the looks of it, barely in existence). It’s a shame, I went to the one at Niagara as a kid and was enthralled by it.

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